Friday, June 29, 2012

No Blue lagune today beacause today I have spent watching horses run in a ring, I know it sounds stupid and boring but it is one of the most fun things you do in life! Where I was is called "Landsmót Hestamanna" and it is the biggest one on Iceland. I was there last year too, and I'm goinng back tomorrow. I also went on a little ride myself with my friend Selma, since I went with her sister Sara yesterday, we had real fun. I bought new riding pants today, but my camera is in a room filled with sleeping people and I don't want to wake them so the pictures come out tomorrow.

I am actually thinking of becoming a buddhist, since I don't belive in god and alot of what I have heard about buddhism makes alot of sence, but I'm going to have to look better into it first, do a little reading and stuff.

This is a picture of Guatama Buddha
(Since I don't have any other pictures today)

-Perla K.

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