Thursday, July 5, 2012

Do you have any idea how many products are tested on animanls? I just downloaded this app where they show what products are tested on animals and I am throwing away almoust all of my make up! From now on I will always check this app before I buy something. This app is in Norwegian so if you don't speak Norwegian I'm afraid you cant use it..
I am only going to buy cosmetics from E.L.F. cosmetics, Chanel, GOSH and a few other that are on the green list. I'm not buing more from: L'Oreal, Max Factor, Maybeline and many other! Skincare, I'm just buing from the Body shop, not nivea or dove any more!!

Please, make them stop!!

-Perla K.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I tought that since I talk so mutch about her you might as well have all the facts. Valva is my horse and she is the most loving being on earth! When I feel sad or confused I go and share it with her, and I know it might sound silly but I realy feel like she can understand me. She knows when it's alowed to teese me and she knows it when I need a hug. She is my everything, she doesn't judge when I tell her that I have done something stupid, she doesn't give me "the pitty look" when I tell her I'm sad, she just gives me the kind of look that sais "I understand, and it will be fine", than she walkes into my arms and gives me a hug ♥

-Perla K.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I have been on "Landsmót Hestamanna" this weekend and I have seen the most incredible horses in the world! There were so many amazing horses there, so many horses that I would like to just take and run away with. I promised that there would be pictures yesterday, but I was tierd and lazy and I didn't have the energy to blog last night, so the pictures are here now and you have no right to complain!

This is Glóðafeykir from Halakoti and his first place 
grade is below.

Me and my friend Sara went horse riding our selfs yesterday for three houres, we actually planed to be something about one and a half or two houres, but we got lost on a mountain. After that we came home she fell right a sleep and I watched the news where Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson was voted as the president of Iceland again. 

-Perla K.

Friday, June 29, 2012

No Blue lagune today beacause today I have spent watching horses run in a ring, I know it sounds stupid and boring but it is one of the most fun things you do in life! Where I was is called "Landsmót Hestamanna" and it is the biggest one on Iceland. I was there last year too, and I'm goinng back tomorrow. I also went on a little ride myself with my friend Selma, since I went with her sister Sara yesterday, we had real fun. I bought new riding pants today, but my camera is in a room filled with sleeping people and I don't want to wake them so the pictures come out tomorrow.

I am actually thinking of becoming a buddhist, since I don't belive in god and alot of what I have heard about buddhism makes alot of sence, but I'm going to have to look better into it first, do a little reading and stuff.

This is a picture of Guatama Buddha
(Since I don't have any other pictures today)

-Perla K.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I am in Iceland now, and today I have been a total tourist in my own country. It was real fun actually, I had no idea that being a tourist in Iceland could be so fun, I thought I had seen it all before. I took some pictures too so that I could browse some of them here. 

We went to Geysir and Gullfoss and there were some hot spots there too, we also went to the crack betwean Europe and North-America. The trip was very nice and I have now seen all theese things for real!

To morrow we will be going to The blue lagune, there I have ben before but not for a long time now. We will altso be at the big Icelandic "Hestamannamót" I was there last year too, there were so many beautyful horses!
There will be more pictures tomorrow so I hope you will be back! :)

I want to make one of theese for my dad, it's a good luck
symbol for catshing a fish.

This is a hot spot called Blesi, dont know why! Blesi is a horse
name so yeah, dont know why. 

Me with Strokkur (the smaller Geysir) in my baackground. 

The outfit of the day!

-Perla K.